We are a small team of experts
in brand strategy and marketing.
We’re Arcturus Creative. We’ve helped many small businesses and non-profits gain visibility through new media marketing.

Businesses today are using old methods to market their goods and services, and are not taking advantage of the progresses in technology, or the changes in the way people think, especially in regards to the millennial market.

Millennials are the largest population segment, and the boomers are going to eventually retire or find other ways to spend their time. Additionally, Millennials are the trendsetters of today. They choose which products and services succeed, because they are the voice of the internet. Ignoring this segment is not sustainable, and will eventually lead to extinction, much like Blockbuster was replaced by Netflix and Redbox.

We have a strategy that shows millennials how your brand can help them reach their life goals and aspirations, support their passions, and help them have fun. This translates into increased credibility, exposure and profits.